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3 Ply Wood Mat

Being a leader in the wood matting sector, we are happy to offer you 3-Ply Wood Access Mats and make your project safe and easy. Once you deal with us, we will meet your job site’s unique needs. At Jess Matting we understand that the most challenging aspects of construction is dealing with the terrain. This is challenging because crews should move heavy equipment over unstable ground yet be careful enough not to harm the environment. That is why buying or renting 3 ply wood mat from Jess Matting is a superior solution to both concerns.


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Building in difficult areas becomes much easier, safer, more convenient and ecologically responsible with our 3-Ply Wood Access Mats. They are fantastic solutions for projects that need surface decking, temporary roads built or for use with rubber-tired equipment. Besides construction usage, they can also be used for transporting heavy equipment. What’s more, you can use buy and put them down as general ground covering at events or areas where there is excessive mud and water.


We ensure our 3-ply wood mats are constructed from strong, durable hardwood timbers. They don’t damage ecologically sensitive soils. Instead, they create a safe pathway when assembled over wetlands, swampy areas or other places with loose soil. Thus, heavy vehicle access the site safely even if there is no permanent road available. Moreover, our wood access mats can minimize the pressure exerted by wheels and treads. Thus, it won’t harm ecosystems at all. Simply order 3 ply wood mat from us because our products are built to the highest standards of quality.

    Let’s dig into some more reasons why you should order 3-ply mats from Jess Matting:

    • Perfect for rubber-tired equipment.
    • Pre-job Consultation and Site visits available.
    • Accurate & timely delivery and installation.
    • Cleaning services for all types and sizes of mats.
    • Various sizes including custom sizing available.
    • Skilled operators for successful completion of your job.


    Hurry up to order Access mats spruce grove from Jess Matting and rest assured that we won’t leave you dissatisfied. Our extensive selection of products and services are guaranteed to meet your demands from beginning to end. We can ship quickly to virtually any location in Alberta. Our comprehensive site assessment as well as fast shipping will ensure reduced freight costs for our customers. Shipping is typically the most expensive aspect of ordering mats, so our convenient services can ease the burden.

    Whatever the project, we have wood access mats rental and purchase options to fit your budget and the overall situation. Trust our team and we can provide installation as well as de-mobilization services for your convenience. Remember, the 3 ply wood mats are important for creating a access roadway to your job site.

    Our wood matting options are second to none and we ensure that you will be 100% satisfied when you utilize our wood mats for building roadways across swamp terrain. Now what are you waiting for? Call us today and our experts will determine the most appropriate solution for your site’s conditions.