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8×40 Rig Mats

Are you looking for 8×40 Rig Mat in Alberta? We carry a huge selection of rig mats that are available both for sale and rent. Having much experience in this industry we know what our customers need and strive to meet their demands. One of the most popular options is 8×40 Rig Mat in Alberta. So if you want to rent it or purchase, we can have your needs covered.

Our rig mats are designed for long term usage, safety and reliability, making them an ideal solution for whatever your job site needs, from roadways and soft-ground site access to crane access, tank farms and part storage. They are built with quality using brand new materials that meet industry standards. You can have peace of mind that we carry a large stock of rig mats at all our Alberta locations. So whenever you need them, you will have them delivered on time. Our 8×40 rig mat’s for sale are ready for immediate pickup or delivery. At Jess Matting, we prioritize your needs and strive to leave you fully satisfied.

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Do not lose this chance and hurry up to order rig mats from us as they have a load capacity of 35,000 pounds per square foot. Rest assured they provide a stable surface for your job site. Thus, both vehicles and workers can do their job easily and safely. Moreover, as our rig mats are rated for zero ground disturbance, reclamation costs are completely eliminated as well.

Always make sure you have a solid foundation to work on before beginning your project. However, it’s also important to trust only reliable companies to get quality rig mat services. Jess Matting is your trusted provider of rig mats in Alberta. Rated best in this industry for our exceptional customer service, we give 100% guarantee to all our rig mats.

In fact, supplying rig mats in Alberta is not an easy job. However, we are up to the task and aim to provide customers with rig mat services that can’t be beaten. We are happy to offer rig mats to our customers with installation packages not offered by other mat companies. Sounds great, doesn’t it? We provide hassle-free installation services with the customer in mind. By using our equipment, we make sure that installation is done safely, efficiently and completed on time.

What’s more, we are also happy to offer you 8×40 rig mat’s for rent. If you don’t have enough budget to invest in our rig mats, don’t worry! Simply rent and your job will be safe and easy. We pride ourselves on being the number one provider of rig mats in Alberta. Our fleet of rig mats comes in industry-standard sizes of 8’x20’ or 8’x40’. However, we can also provide custom size orders to fit your exact needs and specifications. All you need to contact us with your specific requirements and we will strive to cover them as fast as possible.
Just trust us to be your number one provider of rig mat services in Alberta and we will not leave you disappointed.