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About Us


Jess Matting is proud to be a full service matting company with over 15 years experience in the industry.

We pride ourselves on working with integrity and honesty in all our business dealings.

We strongly value our working relationships and the trust we’ve built with our customers.

Customer satisfaction and safety is our utmost priority…We’ll do the job right for you!

Why Choose Us

Our customers projects include but are not limited to the needs for:

  • Stable ground for cranes and heavy lift equipment
  • Temporary roads on large pipeline
  • Stationary platforms for mobile cranes
  • Ground protection
  • Pipeline work
  • Temporary road access
  • Excavator and dragline projects
  • Oil & Gas Lease Construction
  • Powerline Construction & Maintenance
  • Oil & Gas Drilling & Completions
  • Gas Plant & Facility Operations
  • Pipeline Construction & Maintenance
  • Anywhere there is a need to have safe access to poor ground conditions, or impassible terrain

Jess Matting head office is located in Alberta Beach, with mat storage facilities in Swan Hills, Spruce Grove, and Grande Prairie, with smaller inventory locations growing across Canada.

This allows customers with projects closer to those areas lower mobilization costs and allows us to easily meet your schedule for delivery.