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Rig Mats Canada

Jess Matting Ltd. prides itself on delivering unparalleled excellence in the field of rig mats. Our meticulously crafted products are renowned for their exceptional strength, unwavering durability, and unwavering reliability. Employing state-of-the-art technology, we employ a cost-effective fully automated robotic plasma-processing machine to ensure precision and efficiency in the steel cutting process.

Rig Mats

When it comes to superior rig mats, Jess Matting Ltd. stands as an industry leader. Trust in our unwavering commitment to delivering products built to endure, characterized by durability, reliability, and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Jess Matting supplies a wide range of access matting, crane matting, rig matting, and custom built mats. All of our mats range in various sizes and types depending on your needs, ground conditions, and the equipment being used in your project.

Rig Mats 8x40

Rig mats are made of steel frame, with 12×12 wood blocks inside the 8×20, 8×30 or 8×40 structure.

Rig Mat Specs

H beam with notched wood to fit firmly inside, causing a stable flat surface, 3 or 4 beam frame options with a variety of sizes available:

  • 4’x20’
  • 4’x30’
  • 4’x40’
  • 8’x20’
  • 8’x20’ interlocking
  • 8’x30’
  • 8’x40’
Rig Mats 8x40


  • Side beam shackles for easy maneuverability for a steel wood frame
  • Gusseted joints for strength and durability
  • Custom builds available upon request
Rig mats 8x30

Why Choose Rig Mats

At Jess Matting, we are dedicated to providing the best rig mats for the job. When designing our rig mats for sale, the main considerations for us are density, strength, and load-bearing pressure. They are created using the most durable materials and methods available, making them an ideal solution for whatever your job site needs. From roadways and soft-ground site access to crane access, tank farms and part storage, our mats can be perfect for every job.

Our rig mats provide a stable surface for your job site, making it easier and safer for vehicles and workers to do their jobs.


Knowledgeable Team

With more than 15 years in business, our staff has the answers to all your toughest questions. Do not hesitate and let us help you decide how many mats you need and which kind is best for your application. Trust us because we offer products that are high quality, heavy duty, and amazingly strong.

Recognizing that different companies and different projects need a special approach, we also offer rig mat rental services. These can be brand new or used. As we also have a number of locations across the country, we can also make our delivery services both quick and cost effective.


To keep our rig mats in top quality, we have a thorough maintenance program as well. This process inspects and repairs every product returned. Thus, you can be sure to rent our products in their ideal condition when they arrive on your site.
We have a mission to provide an easy access to your project for a smooth completion. Our mats do the job right every time and we guarantee you will get the best value for your money.

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