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Crane Mats

If you are looking for top-notch quality crane mats for sale, you have landed at the right place. At jess Matting, we deliver all common sizes and types of wood both for purchase or rent. We ensure to take care of your project and make it feel easier and stress-free.

Our crane mats are used by various companies in several industries, including:

  • oil and gas industry
  • offshore companies
  • crane operators
  • wind energy
  • foundation construction companies
  • heavy load companies

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Why use our crane mats?

  • Easy to set up

Our crane mats are laid really quickly and you will face no difficulty at all. Our crane mats are also easy to stack, transport and offload. As they provide a stable base on site, they also reduce site costs.

  • Environmentally friendly

We offer crane mats for sale that protect the ground from damage and contamination. Our timber mats are from sustainable sources, thus they are environmentally friendly.


  • Provide safe access

You will have safe access to sites that might otherwise be dangerous and even impossible to get to. Our crane mats provide a stable roadway to access a site, no matter how muddy the conditions are and in any weather.

  • Provide a solid base

Crane mats can turn almost any surface into a safe surface, thus providing an ideal platform for the heaviest of cranes and construction plant despite sandy, muddy or slippery conditions. Moreover, the thicker crane mats, the heavier weight load they can take.

  • Long lasting and durable

Rest assured that our timber mats are very durable and hardwearing. They are reusable as well and can last for up to two decades if used correctly.

  • Available in many sizes and timber species

Crane mats are available in a wide variety of sizes and made from different timber species to suit different projects. Be sure, we always have a crane mat that is perfectly suited to your own project.


There are so many different applications that can benefit from the use of crane mats. Industries that regularly use crane mats include:

  • utilities sector
  • construction
  • civil engineering,
  • solar/wind farms
  • events

There are many benefits that crane mats offer. We also offer crane mat rental solutions suitable for many different applications. With the range of choice available there will be a crane mat which is properly suited to your own project.

At Jess Matting, we pride ourselves on offering some of the best crane mats at reasonable rates. We have many years of experience and ensure that you will be 100% satisfied. To ensure your safety, out mats are regularly maintained and inspected for damage, and all damaged wood is sent for recycling. As you see, we offer quality crane mats for sale and suitable rental services that will certainly meet your requirements. Our crane mats are characterized by high abrasion resistance, hardness and durability. Buy or rent and see for yourself.