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Jess Matting supplies a wide range of access matting, crane matting, rig matting and custom built mats. All of our mats range in various sizes and types depending on your needs, ground conditions, and the equipment being used in your project.

In addition to mats, we offer these solutions to assist you from the beginning to completion of your project:

Pre-job Consultation and Site visits available

Utilizing a site visit will allow us to assess your needs in order for us to determine the amount and type of mats needed. This will ensure the best experience, with a quote that is well suited for your project to be time and money efficient.

Mobilization and Demobilization

We offer efficient, accurate & timely delivery and installation of the matting at your site location, as well as removal from your site when your project has been completed.

Cleaning Services

We offer cleaning services for all types and sizes of mats, including bleaching, washing, and sanitizing.

Specialized Equipment

We have a range of equipment to ensure efficiency and cost effectiveness of your project:

  • Excavators with mat grapples
  • Wheel loaders with mat grapples
  • Skid steers with mat grapples
  • Truck and trailers


We have skilled operators that can provide services to help you complete your project efficiently and on time.