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Swamp Mats Alberta

Jess Matting is your number one source when it comes to finding a reliable service matting company. We have over 15 years of experience and work with honesty in all our business dealings. Hardly can you find a more reliable company because we deliver a unique approach to each and every customer.

Our Approach

We at Jess Matting supply several types of matting solutions, including:

  • access matting
  • crane matting
  • rig matting
  • custom built mats

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Swamp Mats for Sale

We offer quality swamp mats for sale Alberta that are perfect for  maneuvering through the roughest terrain while leaving it in the needed way. Thanks to our swamp mats, you can travel over mud, swamp and even pipelines without any damage to topsoil and vegetation. We have a professional team that specializes in swamp mat installation, so no matter how tight the space is, they will stay on the mats the whole time.

Jess Matting is your trusted source for composite swamp mats and rentals. Whenever you need swamp mat rental simply contact us and we will deliver them on time. Note that challenges such as saturated grounds, inaccessible regions, regulatory compliance, and the lack of mobility through mud, may delay or ruin your project. Our various swamp mats Alberta help provide 24/7 site access and stability while ensuring you are protected in a safe environment.

With our global reach and more than 15 years of experience, we can accommodate every type of job you have. No matter your project is large, small, our swamp mats can fulfill your project in any terrain, climate or soil conditions with proven success.

Do not hesitate and contact us for quality swamp mats for sale. They ensure a safe work surface in all weather conditions. Besides, all of our mats are built strong and resilient to last in different environments. Here is why investing in our swamp mats for sale Alberta ais a wise decision:

Long Life

Our swamp mats have a long life. When you need a ground protection mat to support heavy equipment on a daily basis, you just want to invest in a product that will carry you through projects for years. That’s exactly what our composite swamp mats provide.

Ground Protection

Swamps are environmentally sensitive areas. So that is why they require a solution that will allow your project to stay green and environmentally friendly. Your project stays green and environmentally friendly right after your project is completed.


We are happy to have the largest inventory of any mat company. We are committed to having mats available when and where you need them.

Our Mission

We have a mission to deliver swamp mats for sale and guarantee a smooth completion. If you’d like a custom quote for swamp mats or any other matting product, just contact our staff and we will be happy to help you every step of the way.