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Wooden Access Mats

When it comes to some construction sites, you can face many problems with the terrain you are working on. Heavy equipment often has to cross areas where the ground is less than stable. That’s when contractors should be careful with the environment around them. If you want to eliminate the issues, then a good option for you to build on challenging areas is wooden access mats from Jess Matting .These mats can get the job done properly by providing a stable terrain for the surface. Due to our access mats for sale Alberta, heavy equipment can access sites safely and quite easily. Moreover, the delicate ecosystems around the site won’t be damaged at all.

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We ensure that our wood mats for sale can perfectly create temporary roadways and staging areas for construction equipment. Our wooden access mats evenly distribute the weight of your equipment, up to 35,000 lbs./sqft. Wood mat’s for sale now, so if there is loose soil, choose them for creating a safe roadway. This also makes it easier for large vehicles to access sites. By using our wood mats you can easily reach locations that may not otherwise be accessible because there are no roads. What’s more, our wood mats also help to prevent wheels and treads from tearing the ground, thus protecting the environment.
We also offer wood access mats for rent for those who don’t want to buy them. Just rent and be sure they are the perfect solution for the construction industry. We have a wide range of access matting options, suitable for different conditions and scenarios. Our access mats are just a necessity nowadays as they guarantee jobsite safety and morale while reducing or eliminating the impact on the environment.


Here are a few reasons why it’s worth investing in our access mats:

  • Avoid environmental damage because our access mats protect the ground beneath, and around.
  • It’s weather-proof, water and chemical resistant.
  • Stable platforms for access, offices and more.
  • Improve ease of access for large vehicles and equipment.
  • Avoid health and safety issues because of poor work location.
  • Cost-effective as they are re-usable.

Trust us because we have affordable and high-quality wood access mats available for you. We have designed such amazing solutions that can reduce physical and mental stress on employees working in difficult terrain

Having more than 15 years of experience in the field, we are proud to a trustworthy full service matting company. We work with integrity and honesty in all our business dealings. Each and every customer is important for us and we strive to establish a great working relationship. We have already built trust through all these years and do our best to exceed our clients’ expectations. Delivering top-notch quality wood mats for sale we guarantee to do the job right for you. Your safety and satisfaction is our utmost priority, so never hesitate and order access mats from us.